In the northern hemisphere, the spring should have successfully landed in most places. Do you enjoy and feel happy with the warm sunshine and comfortable spring breeze? Maybe you have noticed that more and more outdoor festival posters appearing at stations, shopping malls, streets and various places! They remind you that it's time to prepare some festival outfits. So let’s go ahead and to see the new festival fashion!


Sexy Deep V High Slit Floral Bells Sleeves Bohemia Dress

Since the Bohemia style became a hot trend, it seems to have become a fashionable element that is not easily outdated. Come on, let your skin feel the wonderful spring. It’s also easy to go with simple silver accessories and heels or sandals.


Dark Blue Strappy Backless Floral Side Slit Jumpsuit

Want to dress up sexy while look dashing in a few seconds? There is nothing better than a pair of jumpsuits! The deep v neck and backless design can expose your skin well and the high waist and side slit bottom make the legs look longer and slimmer. Feminine yet handsome, like them?


Vacation Sleeveless Floral Pocket Jumpsuits

I know always only sexy style will feel tired, how about picking some nifty pieces to play some interesting vibes? These bold prints seem can uplift our mood when we put them on, right? Also as an instant outfit, the design of the pocket makes people feel more considerate.


Do you think the recommendations are too little?



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