The weather somewhere is really sultry now... But the sunshine is still charming, right? When we enjoy the sunshine, we also want to drive away the sultry heat. At this time, the sleeveless dresses is definitely the focus of our wardrobe!


4147Sexy Sleeveless V Neck Embroidery High Waist Dress1.jpg

Sexy Sleeveless V Neck Embroidery High Waist Dress

It’s totally a leisure and happy thing to spend the weekend in a slow pace. For example, wearing a cozy skirt to tidy up the clothes stacked in the room due to busy working days, or enjoy a picnic in the sun in a nearby park. One other benefit of black is dirt resistance, agree? Haha...


8331Sleeveless Halter Floral Maxi Long Dress1.jpg

Sleeveless Halter Floral Maxi Long Dress

If you have a travel or holiday note on your calendar, a pretty Bohemia maxi dress can be said a must-have! Both flattering and comfortable, it has its reason to be the fave of thousands of girls. What’s more, the halter neck design can make your clavicle show well!


8498Round Neck Lace Collared Sleeveless Loose Mini Dress1.jpg

Round Neck Lace Collared Sleeveless Loose Mini Dress

Do you still think the two dresses recommend above are not fluttering enough? Come and have a look at this high-low lightweight loose dress. Whether it's for home wear or for seaside holidays is very suitable.


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