Did you spend a happy weekend with your family on Father’s Day last week? Since the hot summer season, air-conditioning and fans have been kept running in the offices, at home, it is undeniable that it makes us feel comfortable. However, it's very unhealthy for us to stay in the air-conditioned room for a long time, hence having a picnic is a very good opportunity for us to stay in touch with nature, but also to have a get-together with bosom friends.


Romantic Classic Floral Sling Summer Holiday Mini Dress

Sundress is everything about sunny summer! A-line floral mini dress always give us a nifty and lively impression, meeting with bff is absolutely a happy thing, why not express your heart's pleasure through pretty sundress? It will certainly become a good memory!


Retro Rose Printed V-Neck Lace Up Sleeveless Romper

Thinking that dress is not convenient and safe enough? Don’t worry! Because romper can quit your doubts immediately. If you want some looming sexy feeling, this romper is recommended to you! The lace up detailing allow you showing appropriate skin and also cool enough in the hot season.


Hot Floral Printed Off Shoulder Beach Holiday Dress

I can say that every girl who loves beauty must have a floral maxi dress in her wardrobe. It looks so polish and versatile that we cannot refuse it. High slit and off shoulder design are generally not suitable for working time. Since we are going to go for a picnic and relax, then let’s rock the two things that we yearn for together!


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