Time always slips so fast and this is the last week of August! Amazing, right? We are welcoming the last third of 2018, various holidays are waving to us. Are you already expecting them to come as much as I am?

Returning to the topic, with the beginning of September, autumn is quietly coming. The summer outfit seems to have given way to autumn fashions. Grid is a timeless fashion element when we talk about autumn styles. It always let people feel the elegant and vintage British style, even the famous luxury brand Burberry uses it as a symbolic element.


Red, black & white are definitely the most classical members of plaid pattern. If you want a fancy gingham prom dress, this one is nice! The tassel detailing is absolutely eye-catching and full of retro vibe. Besides, do you find that it have pockets! What a warm design...


However, maybe you would prefer a more every-day and office style? Then you can try the gray plaid! It looks pretty modern and chic. This button down dress can be styled in two ways, isn’t it so interesting? Boldly break the rules, life always needs a little innovation!


Let me guess. Are you still interested in the gentle gray plaid but thinking the dress above is not functional enough? Then I strongly recommend this mini skirt to you! Don’t you think it’s a perfect transition item from summer to autumn? What’s more, it can be worn to office, girls time and even holiday!


Here are just a few pieces. Want to get more inspirations?

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