Maybe you have already felt the cool feeling that the autumn wind brings us. Do you like this weather? I like autumn very much because it won't be too cold or too hot! Super comfortable. Maybe you will say, denim also can be found everywhere in summer. You are right but personally I think denim clothing is one of the most wonderful friends in fall. Because it’s not only easy to style, but also can can play a cold-proof role.



White skinny jeans is one of the most classic and timeless fashion staples! Compared with the black or blue jeans, white jeans look chicer and neat. The the pleated detailing can give people a surprise feeling. Besides, white is absolutely an all-match tones, we don’t need to worry about going wrong in collocations.



All right, I know even white jeans are so fabulous but few people will choose to try it because they get dirty easily. And shorts can still wear regularly while the weather is not very cold, or you can pair them with a pair of knee-high boots to create a classic and fashionable autumn look.



As women, we are very happy because we have more clothing choices! Don’t let the denim dress be buried in the wardrobe. We can bring it into autumn and give it a new chance to accompany us. Just need to layer a blouse or sweater under it, it’s totally easy to change it into a versatile autumn item.


Here are just a few pieces. Want to get more inspirations?

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